Artist blues on customer service

This is the jar I received as opposed to the jar that was shown on their website.  And I was expected to pay for it to be shipped back to them.

This is the jar I received as opposed to the jar that was shown on their website.   And I was expected to pay for it to be shipped back to them.

Hello fellow artists and business humans.  Last month I wrote a blog about how I was disappointed with the customer service of Daniel Smith – the art supply company.  And well, I was hoping to have a follow up blog where I told everyone how they responded to my letter and cared about my concerns.  They have not responded to my letter.  That was a month ago.

I have to admit I am very disappointed.  I wanted them to have integrity.  And I wonder what that says about them as a company.  I really liked their products and even participated twice in their annual art contest.    So I am disappointed with them, but there are other art supply companies out there like Dick Blick and Utrecht.  There is even one small store here in town that caters to fine artists, so I can find supplies in other places.  Some of the paint manufacturers sell their stuff directly to customers now as well, so they are replaceable.

But there is something else that disturbs me about all of this.

I am seeing this lack of quality and pride in all aspects of business and professional trades.  I just recently went through a very frustrating 3 months with a job recruiter that apparently was misinforming applicants about the timeline of the jobs available for a certain company.  This along with a prestigious law firm that could not get anyone’s personal information correct or have people that could spell correctly.  Really?!  A law firm.  Those people are supposed to know grammar, vocabulary, and spelling perfectly.

I normally don’t like to write blogs about stuff that brings “a downer” feeling, but sometimes we need to be mindful of what is really going on around us.

I promise to come back soon with something fun.

G. Winkler ©2015


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Creativity Well runs dry

Star Wars snowfun 01 1000w

As an artist and a writer it is important to keep practicing, so when the lack of inspiration or vital energy slams the creativity well, one has to do something to perk themselves up.  Don’t stay in the dark hole of despair, well, unless you are goth group song writer.  And for some reason this past Winter holiday season was extra energy sapping and lacked the feeling of joy despite the fact that I felt very fortunate to have such good family and friends.  Perhaps it was the universal mindset of planetary woes that led me down such a gloomy uninspired path.  I’m sure I could come up with many reasons, which were all irrelevant unless they were were the actual cause.  So what was important was doing something about it.

I decided to attempt an almost daily posting of my Star Wars figures placed in fun or interesting places and situations.  I was going to force myself – no pun intended – to come up with something everyday no matter how stupid or lame it may be.  I would do it, not just try, or worry about it being perfect.

So I am sharing my effort to push aside those uninspiring days that strangle the life out of every kind of artist.  Here are some of my better efforts to cheer myself up as well as anyone else who loves Star Wars, toys, science fiction, or digital photography.  When dealing with the moments dull energy levels and no creative thoughts, try something different. Do something different.  Experience something different.

And here is what I came up with.

Had a friend who thought these were real people at first.

Had a friend who thought these were real people at first.

Star Wars Obi-wan Stormtrooper 01 1000w


This one has a more interesting composition.

This one has a more interesting composition.

Using the environment to imagine what would work best.

Using the environment to imagine what would work best.


Restaurants proved to be interesting places to do this.

Restaurants proved to be interesting places to do this.

Star Wars Stormtrooper 03 1000h

Star Wars Stormtrooper 04 1000h

Sometimes my desktop was the place to find a setting by accident.

Sometimes my desktop was the place to find a setting by accident.

Star Wars Obi-wan 01 1000h

Star Wars Obi-wan 02 1000h

The Han Solo figured to be very expressive and easy to pose.

The Han Solo figured turned out to be very expressive and easy to pose.

Star Wars Han Solo 03 1000h


It seemed natural that Han Solo would be sneaking around corners of potentially dangerous places.

It seemed natural that Han Solo would be sneaking around corners of potentially dangerous places.

The dessert terrain was a natural choice for these two.

The desert terrain was a natural choice for these two.

Star Wars Han Solo Obi-wan 02 1000w

Star Wars Han Solo Obi-wan 03 1000w


Laurie Rockenbeck came up with the caption - 'No, really!! I swear, I left the millennium falcon parked RIGHT HERE!'

Laurie Rockenbeck came up with the caption – ‘No, really!! I swear, I left the millennium falcon parked RIGHT HERE!’

Star Wars Han Solo Obi-wan 05 1000h

My sister came up this caption for Han Solo to say - "Look, me and the dragons only had a few drinks at the bar. How the hell was I to know that Greenie would get the hiccups and burn down the joint!"

My sister came up this caption for Han Solo to say – “Look, me and the dragons only had a few drinks at the bar.   How the hell was I to know that Greenie would get the hiccups and burn down the joint!”

Pulled the Luke figure out for my birthday.

Pulled the Luke figure out for my birthday.

Star Wars Han Solo Luke 01 1000w

The bar interior proved difficult to photo in since there were so many reflective surfaces.

The bar interior proved difficult to photo in since there were so many reflective surfaces.

Star Wars Han Solo 04 1000w

This is from my latest batch which has several good shots.

This is from my latest batch which has several good shots.

There are several more days left in January that I will be sharing these on social media.  I hope this #actionfigurefun project will make your day just a little less dull.

Thanks for visiting.

Gretchen Winkler © 2015




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Customer Service Blues

Customer Service Blues BannerIt’s not in my nature to complain about everything, but it seems as each year goes by that one has to complain vigorously to get things corrected.  And that’s a shame.  The professional world has really taken a nose dive and the only way one can fight back is to try and turn this trend around by pushing off the mantle of apathy and complain.  And that’s no guarantee that bad business or work ethics will  improve – it may only solve your problem leaving another to experience the same misery of incompetence.  An example of this is my friend had to switch from using Walmart’s pharmacy because they kept mixing his Thyroid medication with stray Ambien tablets.  If I recall correctly, I think one of the Kennedy family members had to go to court concerning the results of such a mix up.

Now my problem is no where near that important, but it follows the same line of thought that…. if it doesn’t affect me, why should I care?  That’s someone else’s job.  I am not responsible.  I’ll just do enough to get by and be paid…..

This is a letter that I wrote to the President of Daniel Smith, Inc., and I wanted to share my frustration.  This is a blog mostly about art and creativity, so my problem does and could affect other artists.  And I am going from the point of view that if we don’t say something, nothing will improve.  I am hoping that Daniel Smith with improve.  (Please note that I have removed the names of people to be considerate.)

Dear Mr. ___  ______,                                                                                        January 9, 2015

I am writing to you because I am disappointed, which is a first for me with the Daniel Smith company and its products and services. I am a long time customer as well as my Mom. We used to order items out of the catalogue during the late 80’s and 90’s.

tubes of DSS paintLet me first set the stage as to why I am disappointed. About a year ago I bought myself some of the Daniel Smith paints that fall under the Luminescent line. I wanted to be adventurous and try something different. And as you can see by the photo, I bought a large assortment of paint. I bought different kinds to see how it would work. Now some of them I found more useful than others. The pearl colored ones that required layering were not as effective as I had hoped, but I made the choice to try them.

jars of ds paintThen I had a friend who gave me jars of this paint, which I really enjoyed using. He did not like it and knew that I was an acrylic only painter, so he wanted me to have them. One thing I notice about this paint was that I could clearly see what it looked like from the see through jar containers. No more experimenting. I knew what I would be receiving since I had already used this kind of paint in this kind of container.

So when I decided to treat myself to some more painting supplies and I saw the sale that Daniel Smith was having, I decided I wanted more jars of this kind of paint. So when I selected the Luminescent paint choices, I wanted the jars due to the good experience I had with them. All three of the jars of paint I selected all showed colored paint through the container walls. I did that so that I would not be confused about what I was ordering. These pictures below show clearly what the paint looked like just like the ones I had been given. I knew what to expect. (These pictures and text were taken off your website during the first part of January this year when I made my order.)

DS jar Lilac
Interference Lilac 4oz Jar, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic
Our Luminescent Acrylics include three types of unique colors: Interference, Iridescent and Pearlescent pigments-all made with the same care and emphasis on quality as our other Daniel Smith products. …

DS jar Oceanic
Duochrome Oceanic 4oz Jar, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic
Our Luminescent Acrylics include four types of unique colors: Interference, Iridescent, Pearlescent and Duochrome pigments-all made with the same care and emphasis on quality as our other Daniel Smith products. …

The jar clearly showing purple in color as shown on your website arrived as a jar of the pearl colored paint with the same label. It was not what I wanted. I actually avoided purchasing anything that I was unsure about because I did not want any more of the pearl layering paint. The picture below clearly shows that the received product does not match the item on the website. But if you look at the following picture of the green paint, “Oceanic”, it does match the item presented on the website.

DS LilacDS Oceanic

When I contacted your company about this, your sales representative, ___ ____, took the attitude that she did not sincerely care about my disappointment. No offers to exchange the product and no explanation as to why the picture did not match the product sent. Why would you show a purple jar when it is clearly not a purple jar of paint? I asked her if she actually looked at the website page. She did not respond to my question. I really don’t think she cared. All she did was send me the RA number that I requested. Her response really made me feel undervalued and as if she thought I was stupid for not understanding the text explaining about the paint. By the way, I am not the only one who has found those descriptions less than illuminating. I explained to her that a visual arts medium really should be shown clearly as to what it is in a visual manner. After all, painters are visual artists that communicate visually. (Also, I did not mention that I suffer from the reading handicap known as dyslexia, which is why I also rely on the correct visual representation as well.)

The final result is that I will have to pay to return a product that I think was incorrectly advertised, which is not good customer service – it’s almost bait and switch. I am losing money on this deal, which negates the sale prices that had encouraged me to purchase from Daniel Smith in the first place. So I guess I am stuck with the jar of paint that I did not want.

Why not photograph the actual jar of paint? Why put up a misleading photo?

What would I have liked to have happened with my interaction with Daniel Smith concerning this situation? I will answer that.

A response from a representative from the company that would have cared a bit more and offer a solution like: “Would you like to return or exchange the product for another one? We do have a jar of Luminescent paint that would fit that photo better. I will make sure that the website team fixes that confusing picture. It’s obviously incorrect. I would not want other customers to have this same experience. Please send the one you don’t like back and we shall exchange it for one you do like.”

I think that is just good customer service. It’s also a way to retain repeat customers.

So this is the reason why I am disappointed with Daniel Smith. Like so many companies in this modern age and important infrastructural institutions, there is a growing lack of pride in one’s work. No one cares about doing an excellent job any more, the Microsoft Windows 8 OS system is prime example of that. Please don’t become like all the other places where passing the buck on to another for responsibility is the normal operation.

There was a reason why I wanted to purchase art products from Daniel Smith, and now I am left wondering if that is such a good idea for the future.

Most sincerely,
Gretchen Winkler
CC: Observation Post 42 blog

G. Winkler ©2015




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The Year of Waiting

The New is going to start soon.

The new year is going to start soon.

Year 2014 was the year of waiting.  So much happened and yet so very little was accomplished, and I find myself still waiting.  So many odd events occurred in the world in general as well as in my own personal life.  It is as if the world is completely out of sync.  There is no balance.  It is as if we are waiting for Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader to bring back balance to the world.  But in our Earthly existence, I don’t think it is one person that will accomplish such a task but a crowd of many that can see past the marketing, the propaganda, the weak journalism, the fanatical religious dogmas, the excessive quest for wealth and power, and the “Kool-aid drinkers” who want to believe that their system and ideals are what is good for everyone.

I sound rather cynical here, but I do believe that there are good intelligent well balanced people out there that can make a difference in a positive way.  I hope I am one of them in my own small way.

Perhaps it is the Knight in me that makes me want to be  introspective and examine what has happened and why and if something can be done better.  I do this in my own life matters since trying to guide others has proven somewhat….. frustrating.  People don’t want to listen unless you agree with them.  I obviously have not mastered the art of presenting information in a tactful way that does not correspond with the general mindset of the “Kool-aid drinkers”.

So I guess I had better explain what a “Kool-aid drinker” is.  This is a term that I first heard from a friend, Gary Wolcott, who is a writer in Portland, Oregon.  He does movie reviews, writes advertising copy, and is a pretty good drummer in a band.  If I understand the term correctly, it means a person who just believes whatever the political party tells them.  They are sheep that unwisely follow whatever the wolves tell them and will argue most vigorously to the point of becoming violent that what they have been told is the truth.  They don’t investigate, and if you show them contrary data they will ignore it or say it is a lie.  How does one communicate with beings like this?  My goal is not to become a “Kool-aid drinker”.  I will make myself think and question.  I will re-evaluate concepts or stories on a regular basis, and part of that process is also looking at myself.  What was done well and what could be better?  Then work towards making those improvements if deemed plausible.

So what did I do this year?  Hmm.

  1. I tried to find another graduate school to attend to obtain my MFA, but was unable to find a program or a university that I was compatible with.  This was a disappointment.  I would still like to get an MFA or an MA.  My focus is writing and fine art.
  2. I was talked into co-hosting a technology radio show – User Friendly.  This experience had lots of ups and downs.  I enjoyed the process and apparently we had good ratings considering the situation, but about half of the people we tried working with failed us.  This was sad.  This project really could have been a really positive experience for all those that we worked with, but some of the professional levels that were required to do things right were not available.  I am open to trying this again, but we need honest and professional people to work with.
  3. I rediscovered my love for Star Wars and dressing up in costume.  I plan to continue with this next year.  Everyone had some much needed fun, creativity, and inspiration.  We even won a Halloween costume contest, a Wizard World Comic Con speed writing contest, and were stopped by many Comic Con visitors to have their picture taken with us.
  4. I may have found a good company to work for.  Their product is something that I feel will change the world in a positive way and working with something like that brings hope.  I am still in the process of this quest, so I can not say much more.
  5. Had to buy a new laptop and was forced to use Windows 8.  This was a disaster and it still is.  Nothing seems to work completely correct anymore.  The laptop is fine.  It’s the software.  I have no idea how badly something like this would impair the older generations that are not used to computers in the first place.  I can’t imagine how badly something like this would affect my 80 year old mother.  I still have software that I can’t install and hardware that doesn’t work right anymore.  It just makes me think – what the heck was Microsoft thinking?!?!
  6. I have not been able to work on my Observation Post 42 graphic novels.  This is a bad thing.  I don’t have the work space I need to be creative.  The clutter and crowded space is killing off my creativity.  We need a home with more room.  The reality is that an artist needs space.  And artists have equipment that need to be stored or setup for usage.  That’s a reality.  This is something I have been trying to remedy for 3.5 years.  Maybe longer.
  7. I have not upgraded the website.  This is another bad thing.  I started the process and was making progress and then my laptop decided it had to die.  That Toshiba had been one big disappointment from the beginning with repeated problems.  I felt really cheated by them, and that’s why I bought a Lenovo instead.  I heard good things about Lenovo from other Lenovo owners.   Also, the new operating system problems killed off the energy and inspiration I had for fixing the website.  This is a lesson to every business.  Think twice about buying a Microsoft product.  You need reliable work tools that your employees can count on to do the job right.  I failed my goal because my equipment failed me, and I was not able to get that resolved within a reasonable amount of time and money.  The website is a historical hobby website where information is presented without advertisements or invasive memberships.  It’s purely for research and sharing information.  It still needs to have it’s upgrade finished.  I plan to work on this.
  8. I took a lot of photos and did several paintings this year.  I want to continue this.  Practice really helps one improve.
  9. I participated in my third NaNoWriMo writing project.  I did not make the 50K word goal, but I improved and got my novel the The Knight School Journal farther along.  I will do this again.  Practice does help in all forms of art or any profession.  This is why I do the blog.
  10. I made the effort to try and experience local community events and see local attractions.  My husband and I may not have wanted to move back to Nevada, but we can do our best to make our stay here as pleasant as possible.  I even brought my artwork to the local store that promotes locally made items.  Now I have not sold anything there, but it may not be the right place for my artwork.  I plan to pick up these pieces today, but I got over the fear of bringing my artwork to a business location for the purposes of selling.  Conquering little fears like that are progress.  To be honest – I think the store is too full for fine art to be displayed correctly, but they have many nice items there.  I hope it works for others.


Come back soon again!!

Come back soon again!!

So it has been an eventful year.  Let’s hope 2015 is a brilliant year of doing great things and making wonderful improvements to a world that needs more thinking, and I will do my part again to do my best.  Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope to share with you much more in the future.  Have a great New Year!

Gretchen Winkler
© 2014

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NaNoWriMo Writing Experience

Participant-2014-Twitter-ProfileSo this was my third year attempting to reach the 50K word goal.  And sadly enough I did not succeed this year.

It seems like each November I experience some kind of distraction that cannot be ignored.  On the first attempt my Mom became very sick and I was enrolled in an intense graduate  level art class.  And to be flat out honest – my Mom is more important than the 50K word goal.  So the next year I tried to attempt the 50K goal, and I was asked to design and construct a major website for a TV show that turned out to be a total fraud.  I think only 2% of the people involved actually got paid anything and all the sponsors that gave product samples got screwed.  The website I developed was worth $30K, and that is using modest pricing.  I never got a dime.  So this last time I was ready for it and told people that I would be busy doing the NaNoWriMo project, and the only thing I would take a break for was the Comic Con.

2014 Cover for NaNoWriMo 300hWell during the first week , I got sick for a week from a bizarre illness that showed up after my husband got a flu shot – curious.  It came back for a second round later in the month.  Then of course, I had the Comic Con for 3 days of great fun, and then a few other things I had to do for work took time away.  I think what hurt me the most was being sick for a total of about 10 days during November, which is 1/3 of the time for the competition.

So I felt really down about this and decided to look at the efforts I had made in the past years.  The first year I did about 8K, and the second year I did about 17K.  This last time I did 27K.  Just looking at the data….I improved each year.  That’s not something to be ignored.  I also got a friend to write this year and even though she did not make the 50K word count, the competition got her to start writing again.   And well, to be honest – she’s better writer than me.   She needed to do this.

So despite the fact that I did not win the competition, I did gain some serious ground on my manuscript.  It’s a lot further along.  And I did better than I had in previous years.  Sometimes winning is not the most important part of life, but learning and improving is a major step in the right direction.  And I have decided that I will try it again next year.

I will eventually publish this novel.

G. Winkler © 2014

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Wizard World Comic Con 2014

Comic Con 01 - CopyOh my goodness! What an interesting past three days it has been. I have been to comic book conventions before, but I have never attended a three day event and worn a costume. It was good fun.

There were ups and downs about the Wizard World Reno Comic Con, and for the most part the negatives were not things I personally experienced but had only heard about from others. Most of the bad things were not being able to attend the NASA talk or two good talks being scheduled at the same time or not enough room. For the most part, I had a good experience and I am open to the idea of attending more events like this. One can get so mired down with work and personal projects that one can forget to go out and talk with real people. This is a hazard of the modern age of high tech technology. We forget to step away from our laptops and cell phones. This was a great opportunity to put those things away for a while and just be a person amongst people.

The first day we simply browsed the vendors and then that evening decided to see what the Creator Pro AM: Drink and Draw was all about. Basically, we had 1 hour to draw or write a story in a very noisy bar. We were given parameters for the competition and then it was up to us to see what our efforts rendered. Only one of my companions did not draw or write so he watched as the remaining four of us drew pictures and wrote. I decided to write. And it was a wise decision despite the fact that I was not able to proof read my effort, because I actually I won the writing portion of the competition and was given some great prizes that I am looking forward to trying out.

And seriously, I was REALLY shocked that I won. I was not expecting this pleasant surprise. So I guess that is a lesson to go out and try new things and meet people. Also, did I mention I won!?!

An Unknown Sith popped into our photo for a little cosplay action.

An Unknown Sith popped into our photo for a little cosplay action.

Our Wookie posing with a sexy R2D2

Our Wookie posing with a sexy R2D2

Our Mandolorian getting ready for action.

Our Mandolorian getting ready for action.

Our Jedi looking rather dark and mysterious.

Our Jedi looking rather dark and mysterious.  Character concept based upon Clone Wars Kage Warrior race.

Our Mandolorian was recruited by some other Mandos to be in the costume contest.

Our Mandolorian was recruited by some other Mandos to be in the costume contest.

On the second day I had the pleasure of attending the Anthropology of Star Trek & Star Wars, which to my amazement was packed full with people. Then later my companions and I got to attend the Q & A session with Walter Koenig, who told some enlightening stories and showed great patience with some of the audience. Later much on much to our disappointment we were not allowed to compete in the costume contest because they said they had no more room for contestants. I would suggest in the future that the Wizard World folks take a lesson from the Silver Legacy and Cumulus Radio in how they handled bulk contestants. The Halloween party contest was handled quite well. Basically everyone got to enter, but the contestants brought forth on stage were vetted by the judges in advance. This helped to cut down on the chaos of too many contestants and not enough time for everyone to walk across the stage.

We wore our costumes in the evening regardless of the contest situation and were treated wonderfully by people attending the comic con that wanted to have their photos taken with us. It was the nicest way to make up for not being able to compete. Our Wookie companion was a real show stopper.

Great Alien costume!

Great Alien costume!

Our attempt at doing the 3D scan for printing purposes, but my hand may have been out too far.

Our attempt at doing the 3D scan for printing purposes, but my hand may have been out too far.

Billy Dee Williams and Derek, who teased him mercilessly about having to make a quick bathroom stop before the Q&A session.

Billy Dee Williams and Derek, who teased him mercilessly about having to make a quick bathroom stop before the Q&A session.

Hanging out with Clone Trooper....I hope he hasn't been issued order 66 yet!

Hanging out with Clone Trooper….I hope he hasn’t been issued order 66 yet!

Our last day we tried out the 3D scanning service, purchased some artwork, and attended the amazing Q & A session with Billy Dee Williams his assistant Derek. I had no idea that Billy Dee Williams was a painter. I looked up his artwork and the examples that I found appeared to be lively energetic pieces with beautiful color and composition.

Seeing both Walter Koenig and Billy Dee Williams in person was a real wake up moment since I grew up with these men starring in TV roles and they are forever young in my mind. I was foolishly surprised by their age. I had no idea how old either of them truly were. I think I was lucky to get to see them in person, and I hope they have many more years of storytelling and painting.

Gretchen Winkler © 2014

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A Mandolorian, a Wookie, and Jedi walk into this casino…..

Wookie weapon banner 1000wMy husband and I decided on doing new fun costumes for this Halloween and an upcoming comic con in Reno, NV.   So we started making our plans in mid summer so that we would not feel so rushed.   Yah, ….famous last words.   We did plan, but we had no idea we would run into so many challenges in making two new costumes and updating another one.   The Mandolorian costume my husband had made about 6 years ago, but it needed repairs after several household moves.    Things sometime get broken or there are aspects of such a project that one would like to make better.   So we thought that leaves us with two brand new costumes – one of which, the Jedi, should be pretty simple.   We spent many years researching, designing, and constructing really good Ren Faire costumes.   We made European Renaissance Era royalty, Landsknecht military, merchant class, and also branched into other eras such as the Classic Rome, 1700’s European/North America, World War I, and 1800’s Imperial Austria.   So we had both a pretty good background in doing the research and construction.    And if you have ever tried making some of the clothing of these time periods, it can be pretty intense.   The 1700’s clothing is pretty sophisticated in its design concepts and construction.

Trying on Jedi clothes to see how they fit and if I could move around in them.

Trying on Jedi clothes to see how they fit and if I could move around in them.

So we were sure we had the ability to make the Jedi costume.   The Wookie costume was something we were unfamiliar with.   I had only constructed one mask and that was from a unique idea that I was inspired to do unlike the Wookie, which had a very defined idea of what they should look like.   So I did not have much freedom to do as I pleased.   I needed to conform as much as possible to a desired standard to make the costume successful.   The same thing was with the Jedi, although there was some flexibility since I was not doing a specific character within the Star Wars realm of reality.

How hard could it be to sew robes and vests?   I had a limited budget and very little space to work in – these would prove stressful.   Especially the limited space to work in.   Inexpensive fabric will not yield the desired results, but I have seen some Jedi costumes made of what looks like bed sheet material – a light weight cotton – and they look basically what they are supposed to.   These are good learner, or dare I say, Padawan costumes.   People can have fun in these and they are washable.   So I started looking around in our left over materials for things that would be suitable.   Found great fabrics to use for a more traditional looking Jedi in the tans and browns, but the pattern I obtain was basically…..not very accurate when it came to sizing.   I selected a small size thinking it was a male oriented pattern and when I constructed my lovely linen type fabric – it fit my husband who wears a large size in men’s clothing.   This set off a series of derailments since my funds were limited.   I was forced to develop a new Jedi character based upon a Clone Wars race called the Kage Warriors that wore a lot dark greys.   There isn’t much about them, but it would have to do for my new Jedi character that has an almost creepy look to it.   Once I got past the problem with bad pattern sizes under control, I was able to put together clothing suited for a Jedi.

Jedi Kage Warrior

Jedi Kage Warrior

And yes, I said clothing.   This is an important aspect when creating costumes.   It should be clothing and not a costume.   It has to be comfortable.   You are not a Barbie doll that just stands around looking pretty.   It won’t be fun and things will wear badly if it doesn’t fit right.   Think clothing instead of costume.   This will change your whole perspective on making costumes.

So once my problems were basically solved with the Jedi character, I had to deal with the task of making our friend’s Wookie costume.   This was totally different from thinking about a costume as clothing.   This was a different body type.   A new way to think about presenting oneself as someone different.   Once again, research was done to look at as many pictures of Wookies as possible and then at a few groups out there that had done some rather professional looking costumes on Internet websites and blogs.   One German blog really helped with their pictures of the Wookie mask under construction.   And another site described that trimming the seam areas of the fur will help with the sewing of the various pieces together.   This made the construction of the body fairly easy.   We also bought some polar fleece on sale to do a test pattern since our friend’s Wookie fur fabric was not cheap.   No mistakes allowed on this one!   The gloves were pretty easy since we made our own gloves during our Renaissance Era projects and the feet were designed with the intention of being permanently used on an old pair of shoes that our friend had.   Making sure you have good comfortable footwear is essential to making sure that wearing a costume is a fun time and not a miserable day or evening of aching feet.

Cutting edges of fabric where seams are really helps in construction.  Remember - Don't cut too deep.

Cutting edges of fabric where seams are really helps in construction.   Remember – Don’t cut too deep.

Scarey skull mask painted and clay added.

Scarey skull mask painted and clay added.

My husband constructed the Wookie’s weapon ammo belt and pouch as well as modified a toy gun to become the Wookie’s crossbow rifle.   Having all of this under construction went fine and left probably the most important and most difficult part of the costume– the mask.   Neither of us are makeup artists and our friend was not interested in sitting for several hours having prosthetics and make up put on him.   That might be fine for a film project but not so much for an evening of fun at a casino party.   So a mask was very much needed.   The three of us looked around for suitable masks to base our mask upon and settled on a scary skull mask that fit our friend comfortably.   This was purchased and was to become the base for which we would build the Wookie mask.

Since the skull mask was not a face with flesh, I had to start adding padding or something to give form for muscle or flesh.   A Wookie has a muzzle style mouth area, so adding some material was needed.   At times I felt like one of those forensic artists trying to reconstruct a facial structure.   I used Sculpy clay that I could bake in a home oven to make the pieces, which was also challenging because the darn toaster oven’s temperatures were not exact.   Do some test bakes before putting in that perfectly sculpted facial form.   I had a few burn and smell up the house.   Yuck. Gluing the fur fabric strips onto the mask was also aggravating especially when I had super glue, Sharpy marker ink, and fur all stuck on my fingers.   By the end of the day, I was happy to be done with the mask.Wookie Mask 03 500w

Mandolorian helmet 500w

wookie poise 500h

Time had run out and we did not have everything done for our costumes, but they were all wearable.   I think the time and effort was well worth it.   People enjoyed seeing our Star Wars characters on Halloween and some even wanted to take photos of us or have their photos taken with us.   The Wookie was the big favorite.   So our plans are now to finish the details that we wanted to do and repair or change anything that may have not been uncomfortable.    We are hoping to have all this ready for the comic con in late November.

Mandolorian Wookie Jedi

The surprising event of the evening at the Silver Legacy casino Halloween party was that we had entered the costume contest for best themed costumes, and we won!   The crowd had final say on who won what, and we won our category.   It was a great way to end the evening and give us steam to forge on to make things even better.

Gretchen Winkler © 2014

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