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Clay Canvas 01For many years there has always been these complaints amongst the locals and the newly established locals that Reno has no culture, and every few years some hard working idealists try and put together cultural events to serve that hunger for art, music, theater, and other fun activities.  And it looks like the Artown project has settled in to stay, which is good.  Reno really needs this.

So this year my husband and I have decided to try and participate in more of the activities that are being held.   We shall see how our schedule allows for this, but I think it is worth a try.  It’s a good topic for writing on and since I am a writer – it is always wise to practice practice practice.  Not to mention that I also like to take digital photos and this is something else that I am always eager to improve upon.

Clay Canvas 02So today is the first day of the festivities, which a month long, and we decided to stop by The Clay Canvas on West Plumb Lane for their tile painting day.  We were greeted by the friendly gal there and were instructed on what to do and proceeded to sit down with several adult and child groups sitting already at the table.  It was nice to see parents taking some time with their kids to do a fun project with them.  Of course my husband and I were the only purely adult group to arrive, but we are kids at heart so no problem there.

It was a basic art project yet I found it difficult to deal without my ideal paint brushes.  Mind you all that I am a painter and I am used to having certain kinds of brushes for doing detailed work, and being suddenly relegated to having to deal with brushes fit for 3rd graders was tough!  So my first tile didn’t look so hot and my husband kindly asked if we could do a set of two a piece, which the gal there was nice enough to allow.  They were not too busy at the moment, but it was still early.  Then deciding on a design for my tiles – which I concluded should follow my current study of Norse symbolism, so I selected a Helm of Awe and a Valknut.

The brush challenge

The brush challenge

The Valknut design

The Valknut design

Clay Canvas 05

Another factor which surprised us was that we were given a limited pallet of colors, but when one thinks about children and a lot of people coming in….it makes sense to pick four colors for the participants to use.  Makes life simpler, and I am no stranger to having to deal with a limited pallet requirement.  So we painted our tiles and now they have to dry and then be fired.  So who knows how they will turn out.  They will not be available for two weeks, so I guess I’ll have to post the results later.

So don’t be shy about trying out some of the activities and shows that are being put on for the Artown event in Reno.   Go and support these artists by attending and participating them in their events.  🙂

G. Winkler (c) 2014


Gretchen Winkler is a Writer, Artist, Radio Show Co-Host on User Friendly 2.0, Cosplayer/Designer, and ordered Knight. She is currently working on several Star Wars novel projects and does editing and proof reading for Bill Sikkens & KPAM the Answer Portland radio. For the past 20 years she has authored several informational websites, started several technical companies, and has been an avid student of art, literature, history, technology.

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