You won’t believe this…..

UNhappy face artRemember how yesterday I posted that I am waiting for the body form to be shipped and it was supposed to be in town already.  Well, it is not.  It’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am not in Las Vegas.  I am a 10 hour drive away from Las Vegas.  The item was supposed to come from San Jose to here, which is a 6 hour drive.  Why is it in Las Vegas?  My poor friend said in an email that all he can do is keep calling them.  What a mess!  So it looks like it may be in town on June 3rd.  I am fearing that I will need emotional counseling after this project.

So I guess the drama proceeds on.   There may be drinking in my future.

G. Winkler ©2015

Gretchen Winkler is a Writer, Artist, Radio Show Co-Host, Cosplayer/Designer, and ordered Knight. She is currently working on several Star Wars novel projects and does editing and proof reading for Bill Sikkens & KXL radio. For the past 20 years she has authored several informational websites, started several technical companies, and has been an avid student of art, literature, history, technology.

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