Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con

Sac 2016 WizWorld 01

Just got back from the Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con.

It was different from last year.  Some things have changed.  Not sure how I feel about the changes, so I think I will just list out what I recall and let you decide if you like those changes.

  1. My companions and I purchased our tickets ahead of time, and then in the last few days they dropped the prices to half.  It left us feeling like we were punished for saving up for the tickets and buying them in advance.  We had invited others to go with us, but they did not because of the ticket price.  Had the ticket prices been lower those friends could have come along with us.
  2. Security at the site was heavy.  More than last year.  Lots of guards but what their scanners were picking up was questionable.  One of the security guards, who was a nice older gentleman put a scratch on my lightsaber by accident.  It is a $400 piece of equipment that I keep stored in a protective container, so I am a bit upset although I do know he did not meant it.  He was required to put a weapons checked tag on the lightsaber, which they have done in the past but not at the front door.
  3. The people in the green shirts….still friendly like last year.  That did not change.  🙂
  4. Chatting with the vendors and other cosplayers – all friendly – that has not changed.
  5. If you like visiting the booths and going shopping for stuff – there was a lot less of that.  I missed seeing Con TV that had been a presence at the Wizard World events these past years.  We were planning on stopping by and saying hello.  Ultrasaber was also not there either and we were under the impression that they were supposed to have been.  Missed them too.  It seemed like there were a less artists and T-shirt vendors present as well.
  6. The gaming section was enormous.  It appeared to be nicely done.  I am not at all into spending time at a computer to play video games at a Comic Con, but it looked nice.  It appeared to take up about a third of the convention floor.  They also had a space were visitors could paint D&D type figures, which looked like fun, but I was in costume, so I was not interested in getting paint on my Jedi clothing.
  7. There seemed to be less Cosplayers.  I like dressing up in costume and I like seeing other people dressed up. I like seeing the interaction between the cosplayers and the other visitors and between Cosplayers themselves.  That seemed to be less this year.  Now, we were there for only Saturday, so perhaps the other days had more people geared up.
  8. During the costume contest we got stuck waiting in a very hot hallway.  I actually felt dizzy like I was going to pass out.  We told the green shirt people that some of us were feeling overwhelmed by the heat – and it was not as hot outside as it was last year.  The green shirt people opened some doors to get some better circulation.  Thank you Green shirt people!
  9. There were no photos taken after the costume contest.  All the other Wizard World events that I had gone to, we had photos taken just after exiting the stage.  This time – nothing.  This was a fun memento of the events that we had gone to previously, especially after spending hours on creating a costume and then hours getting ready.  Some gear requires extensive makeup time.  It was also fun to see other performers in their photos.  This was a disappointment.
  10. Then the contest itself had a failure.  The lady that was selected as the big winner could not access the stage because she was in a wheelchair.  The only reason why my companions and I saw her was a chance meeting in the street as her husband helped her and the children get out of their vehicle.  Her costume as a mermaid was fabulous and no one in the back part of the audience could see it.  It was a shame and anti-climatic.  They should have found a way to get her up on the stage or…..gotten the camera crew to grab the camera and some lights and showed her on the big screen that was showing the judges and the contestants on stage.

This is how the Sacramento event went.

All in all this left us feeling like it was a very mediocre event.  I actually felt depressed the next day and not exhilarated from having a great experience.

We had our own difficulties and disappointments that were no one else’s fault.  I worked all week to get the new Gungi mask completed.  I finished it the day we left.  Put it in the box for safety and drying.  It looked pretty good.  It was better than the old Wookiee mask.  I was excited to unleash our Gungi creation onto the world.  As our friend put the costume on, he started to feel sick.  The glue on the mask had not dissipated in it’s odor.  He could not wear the costume, and since we had driven two hours to get to Sacramento, there was no way to go home and get the old mask.  I was crushed and I felt really bad for our friend, who looks forward to his role as Gungi, the only Jedi Wookiee.

Gungi and Reg Wookiee mask

New Gungi mask on the left and generic Wookiee on the right.  The Gungi mask has a moving jaw and a more supportive interior foam system for better comfort.  I even made nostril holes to help make it more comfortable.

We do have some quick photos of him in the hotel room.  Not sure where we will go to present our new creation, but hopefully it will be soon.

Ky-Undi and Darth VaderMy own costume had some improvements since last year as well.  I am on my fourth white Jedi undershirt.  Nothing has worked right until I found this store bought item and modified it.  It may need another snap to be better.  Also, I have been trying to find better makeup.  I don’t normally wear makeup in my day to day life except maybe some blush or mascara, so the putting together a makeup kit has been hard.  I also have many allergies.  Then the braids are the latest addition to the look of my grey Jedi.  Big improvement.  Star Wars females rarely have hair that just hangs, so figuring out how to change the wig into a proper hairstyle has been great.  Strange thing was that two people thought I was another character from the Old Republic.  I did not recognize the name.  I need to research that.  My grey Jedi is a Kage female Padawan that escaped the General Order 66.

Our Mandalorian, who plays my twin brother, also made enormous changes to his gear as well.  He purchased a new helmet and repainted all of that, made a new girth belt, new pistols and rifle, repaired his chest plates, got a new jumpsuit and customized it, and made a new neck plate as well.  He has plans for more improvements to be made to his gauntlets.  His costume was originally started in 2006.  It was his gear that inspired my character and our suggestion that our friend go as a Wookiee.

The Lok Twins - Star Wars 1000w

The Lok Twins – Jedi Padawans that escaped General Order 66

If anyone has some west coast suggestions….I am all ears.

G. Winkler ©2016




Gretchen Winkler is a Writer, Artist, Radio Show Co-Host on User Friendly 2.0, Cosplayer/Designer, and ordered Knight. She is currently working on several Star Wars novel projects and does editing and proof reading for Bill Sikkens & KPAM the Answer Portland radio. For the past 20 years she has authored several informational websites, started several technical companies, and has been an avid student of art, literature, history, technology.

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