Why essential is not the same to everyone

Within the last couple of days I have seen articles, post, reports, and videos about non-essential items should not be allowed to be sold.  One news article reported that people were complaining about the local golf course being open.  Really.  If the course owners and players are following the guidelines, then why can’t people who can play golf go out and do it?

Sour grapes.

You know envy and jealousy.  If someone else can do something they love and you can’t.  Then there was the numerous complaints about non-essential businesses being open.  The officials in charge of regulating this stuff went to those locations and none of them were open.  Once again that selfish behavior of being righteously judgemental and secretly jealous.  This needs to stop.

I don’t have the money or gear to play golf, but I am not going to say those people should stop if they are following the rules.  That person playing golf may be clearing their head of anger, frustration, and thoughts of suicide.  Golf might be that lifeline to serenity to that keeps them from doing something they would regret.  Judging what other people are doing and why is a primitive behavior.  We all do it.  But to let it out of the box and into the world to infect other people’s lives is a sign of selfishness.  That we can all rise above.  Change our behavior.  Acknowledge trained reactions that may be a negative force in our society.  Stop trying to change the world with anger and hate.  It only brings more anger and hate.  It is a cycle that feeds itself.  Stop feeding it.

Yesterday, I say an article that Costco and Walmart should not be selling anything other than food.  Once again, if the store is taking the required health measures, why are these people complaining?  The article said that books, arts and craft supplies, clothes, cosmetics, yard care materials, toys and household appliances were not essential.  How are they judging that?  What makes them judges?  Do they understand the needs of every single household in this country?

I doubt it.

There are a lot of craft oriented people out there making stuff for our healthcare workers.  They are making masks for themselves as well to help protect everyone.  So why keep them from having the tools they need?  Some people just need to keep busy.  Working on yards, repainting the house, reading books, buying toys and games to help keep children happy and occupied are normal healthy things for people to do.  And the clothes still being sold…..how do these “essential judges” know what people need?  What if your favorite pair of shoes just got a hole in them, and your now can’t go for walks, which is the only thing keeping you sane while you are unable to work.  Why does some judgemental person get to determine that you buying a new pair of shoes is not essential?  It shouldn’t.  People shop at Costco because they like the prices and what is being offered.  Yes, it is a membership store.  Is that the problem?  Sour grapes again?  My sturdy pair of tennis shoes now have a rip in them.  I can wait a while longer to get a new pair.  They are still usable, but what if that other person’s shoes has damage that hurts their feet bad?  Just because I can wait doesn’t mean the other person should.

We don’t spend enough time using our imagination to see how someone else’s life might be.  The current society just judges the outside from a shallow point of view.  Stop that.  Just please stop that.  It is like a disease.  It spreads nothing but misery just like COVID 19.

I had a friend in college that would complain all the time.  He used to complain about the football players, the university administration, the way people were dressed, what music they listened to and so on…..  I was never much of a complainer, but I caught myself doing it.   Complaining about stuff that didn’t matter to me.  What the heck?!?!   His negativity was infectious.  Next time you complain about a politician or some group of people, ask yourself why?  Why are you complaining?  Are you that deeply affected by the events?  Is it because your friends and family expect you to complain?  Ask yourself why?  You may find yourself unable to answer that question.  You may find something lurking like a hidden injury that had never been acknowledged and had not healed.  In my case with my college friend, I was simply picking up bad behavior from him.  I worked to stop it.  You can to.  We can all do it.

During this time we may find ourselves having to take care of problems that we might have asked others for assistance with such as my friend in Oregon has a broken furnace.  He is pretty skillful but is no HVAC expert, but he is trying to solve the problem himself.  Other people may be having appliances that are now in more use due to staying home that have broken.  Maybe they were broken before and they just ate out in restaurants.  Perhaps they have lost their job and well, eating at home is cheaper.  Think before you complain.  Think before you encourage others to make things worse because you didn’t have any of those needs.

We can get through this.  Don’t be so quick to join the “Essentials only” bandwagon.  Essential means different things to different people.  We can make it through this pandemic.  We need to pull deep into that higher part of ourselves and work on being patient and mindful.  Save the drama and complaining when it is about something truly important.

G. Winkler April 2020 ©

Gretchen Winkler is a Writer, Artist, Radio Show Co-Host on User Friendly 2.0, Cosplayer/Designer, and ordered Knight. She is currently working on several Star Wars novel projects and does editing and proof reading for Bill Sikkens & KPAM the Answer Portland radio. For the past 20 years she has authored several informational websites, started several technical companies, and has been an avid student of art, literature, history, technology.

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