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Hike in Forest….filled with peace.

Just recently I was up in the Pacific Northwest again where I truly feel at home and at peace.  I love the climate and forests.  I want to desperately move back there and find the beauty and harmony that is

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Back to Arrowcreek trail

It’s been a while since I lasted did a post.  I have been busy working on several novels.  I am in one of those break periods when an author should spend some time away from the manuscript, so that later,

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These are probably some of the most unapproachable plants in the area.  They kinda remind me of a Sarlacc pit with all those pointy things poking out towards the sky.  But they do have a lovely color and an interesting

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Beach fun – Star Wars Merc style

Went to South Shore Lake Tahoe in California the other day for a bit of relief from the heat and to enjoy the lovely water there.  It is my favorite lake.  There were some strange guys there…..   Not sure

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Classic Tale of Boom and Bust

Bower’s Mansion is located on the western side of Washoe Valley nestled in between the Carson Valley and the Truckee Meadows, both areas are the homes of three of the largest cities in Northern Nevada; Carson City, Reno, and Sparks.

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Treasure of Family Memories: Part 3

Here are more amazing gems of fashion trends and nostalgia from the 1960 Winter Olympic Games to the rather vacant looking strip of Las Vegas, Nevada. The first few photos show the Lake Tahoe area and my Grandparent’s property in

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Treasure of Family Memories: Part 2

My Grandfather took an unusually large amount of slide photos during the year 1959 and perhaps that was due to the fact that he had just started taking slide photos, and he was excited about creating a whole new medium

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Treasure of Family Memories: Part 1

About a year and a half ago I started the process of scanning my grandparent’s slide collection.  It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my older sister and brother for year 2012.  Then my scanner broke and I

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