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Path along the Truckee River – Part 1

This batch of photos has resulted in so many images that I have decided to divide the posting into several. I selected this particular path along the Truckee River because when I had a normal 8 to 5 job back

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Finding Golden Inspiration

This is a continuation of my previous blog about finding inspiration outside in nature.  And this time I went to Mt. Rose.  It’s called Mt Rose because an early settler or pioneer to area looked up at the mountain and

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Looking for Inspiration

With my online school situation looking dismal, I decided that I needed to look for inspiration.  I am the type of person who likes to keep busy doing something.  It is in my nature.  And after a week or so

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More Freaking Out about School!

The Fall Semester has begun again at the Academy of Art University, and I am an online only student.  Not that I would not like to be in the pleasant company of fellow artists sharing and doing projects together, but

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The Helm of Awe Painting

This project was a requested painting for a Helm of Awe theme as the main focus of the art.  A Helm of Awe is a very ancient Norse/ Germanic magical symbol for strength, power, security, and other positive influences desired

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Three courses completed and still cheering

I have just finished my third online class with the Academy of Art University, and despite my woes about it being expensive, more difficult than a traditional art class, and missing the close interaction with instructors and students, I am

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Why Start online Comics?

I currently have three online comics or graphic novels.  I don’t currently make any money from them and have not received any awards or job opportunities from them, so why do such a thing? It’s very simple.  I like to

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Seize the Opportunity!

The Fall semester is just about to start and I know my free time will become much less.  Free time is so rare, but when you have it – seize it!  Take advantage of that free time and do something

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Musical Inspiration

Being a creative person tends to put one into the category of being emotional, and perhaps even volatile in some cases.  There are numerous stories of artists from various genres damaging themselves or giving up the ghost in deep despair. 

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Practice Practice Practice

I have done a long series of paintings that I call practice paintings.  I call them this because I have no real audience or purpose for them other than to learn from the experience of doing them and trying something

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