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Feeling Lost

I have been waiting for the refund for my online class.   I am actually afraid to complain because I am worried that I will not get my funds returned.   Logically, that would be highly unethical, but lately, people and organizations

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Not what I expected….

It looks like my quest for the MFA degree that I had wanted may be coming to an end without a happy conclusion.   It’s weird how things can unravel within a 2 week period or less. I had been looking

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The Straw that might Break the Artist’s Back

Color Theory is an important class for any artist to study and understand.  I don’t have a problem with being required to learn about Color Theory.  It’s just like being a composer and learning about music theory, it is an

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More Freaking Out about School!

The Fall Semester has begun again at the Academy of Art University, and I am an online only student.  Not that I would not like to be in the pleasant company of fellow artists sharing and doing projects together, but

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Should I rethink Online Education?

I was really excited about taking my second online class this semester.  I already know that from the previous semester that online courses require much more time and effort than regular traditional on site education.  I made sure that all

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Survived First Online Semester!

Well, the Spring Semester is over and I have survived my first online art course, which was my first online class ever. This experience proved to me that taking online courses is a possible practical solution to not being able

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Transition from Traditional Classroom to Online school at Home

When I first decided to obtain my Master of Fine Art degree, I realized that I was going to have to deal with several challenges.  The first was the cost of the schooling and the other was location.  Since I

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Preparing for Online Art Class

As an artist in this day and age no one will even look at your work unless you know someone or have at least a Master’s level degree, so I have decided to get my MFA in painting.  I’d really

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