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April Fools, Lord Vader!

    Gretchen Winkler ©2016

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Practice Practice Practice

I have done a long series of paintings that I call practice paintings.  I call them this because I have no real audience or purpose for them other than to learn from the experience of doing them and trying something

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The Art Bomb

These past few weeks have been filled with stress, anxiety, and depression, so the need to get away from  everything was quite necessary.  One of the best ways to get a small vacation from some of these feelings is to

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Preparing for Online Art Class

As an artist in this day and age no one will even look at your work unless you know someone or have at least a Master’s level degree, so I have decided to get my MFA in painting.  I’d really

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Playmobil Toys are awesome!

Since my husband and I had to move in with family, there is very little space for us to setup our Landksnechts Gone Wild! sets.  This is our first online comic series where we used toys and constructed sets to

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