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Back to School with Color Pencils

Traditionally back to school for the younger ages starts in the US around early September or late August when the temperatures used to cool down and the leaves would start to turn to the warm tones of Autumn.  So the

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Three courses completed and still cheering

I have just finished my third online class with the Academy of Art University, and despite my woes about it being expensive, more difficult than a traditional art class, and missing the close interaction with instructors and students, I am

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To Smudge or Not to Smudge? – That is the Question.

To smudge or not to smudge?  That is the question when working with charcoal.  And if you were expecting some New Age Magic topic…  Well, sorry I am talking about charcoal renderings. Smudging, smearing, rubbing, smoothing, and blending… That’s what

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When I work with Charcoal – I wear black

At first the thought of wearing black while working with charcoal,  may conjure up images of an emotional state of mind.  It is somber.  It is depressed.  It is full of resignation that I will have to endure something that

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Ode to Charcoal

Okay, the charcoal class is driving me nuts, but I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that charcoal is some kind of medium of  torture.  I have noticed other students in my online class mentioning that they

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More Charcoal Woes

My third semester has begun and once again I am dealing with one of my least favorite mediums, charcoal.  It’s so messy and difficult to erase, but it is a practical and traditional medium to study drawing and the technique

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Practice with Charcoal

I am about to start my first Graduate course for my MFA.  I am excited and scared.  You see, many years ago, I was accepted into a MA program for English, and I completed 2/3 of that program until expenses

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Preparing for Online Art Class

As an artist in this day and age no one will even look at your work unless you know someone or have at least a Master’s level degree, so I have decided to get my MFA in painting.  I’d really

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