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Chicken Wings in the very very hot street

Just got home from the Chicken Wing Fest in downtown Reno, NV. I have mixed emotions about the event since the temperatures in the street were really really hot. I started out with my companions looking forward to tasting really

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When I work with Charcoal – I wear black

At first the thought of wearing black while working with charcoal,  may conjure up images of an emotional state of mind.  It is somber.  It is depressed.  It is full of resignation that I will have to endure something that

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Ode to Charcoal

Okay, the charcoal class is driving me nuts, but I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that charcoal is some kind of medium of  torture.  I have noticed other students in my online class mentioning that they

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A hot time in the Library – Fahrenheit 451

When I was in high school, I was an honors student enrolled in the Honors English classes all four years.  Now I was never the greatest student, but I enjoyed being with the brighter kids and having more challenging literature

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Musical Inspiration

Being a creative person tends to put one into the category of being emotional, and perhaps even volatile in some cases.  There are numerous stories of artists from various genres damaging themselves or giving up the ghost in deep despair. 

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What every Artist should avoid doing

I have done what every Artist should avoid doing.  I am still not sure if it was a mistake to proceed or if it taught me to listen to my instincts.  When that little voice in your head goes, “Eh,

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