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Hike in Forest….filled with peace.

Just recently I was up in the Pacific Northwest again where I truly feel at home and at peace.  I love the climate and forests.  I want to desperately move back there and find the beauty and harmony that is

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Jango Fett on Safari

I have been doing digital photography of action figures for many years now.  I do it for fun.  It’s a nice creative outlet that tends to cheer me up when I am feeling down.  I actually did an online comic

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Back to Arrowcreek trail

It’s been a while since I lasted did a post.  I have been busy working on several novels.  I am in one of those break periods when an author should spend some time away from the manuscript, so that later,

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The Great Seal of Nevada – My way!

The State of Nevada is about to celebrate its 150th birthday this October 31st, and being a native Nevadan, I decided to do some artwork to celebrate this occasion.  Since I was born here and went to school here, I

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Chicken Wings in the very very hot street

Just got home from the Chicken Wing Fest in downtown Reno, NV. I have mixed emotions about the event since the temperatures in the street were really really hot. I started out with my companions looking forward to tasting really

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Where the Double Diamond Ranch used to be…

The Reno Area,  also known as the Truckee Meadows,  was a drastically different place when I was growing up.  The valley was filled with ranches and there were lots of birds, cattle, and thunder storms in the summer.  It was

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First Irminsul Painting Project

I have been wanting to explore into more of the imagery of the Northern/Western European ancient cultures, and so I finally sat down and started to work on some of the Irminsul, which is associated with the Norse God Tyr,

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Donner Memorial State Park

Exploring the local landscape can be an effective tool for re-invigorating the creative process. I am currently in a situation where I need to live in a location that is not ideal for me. I really miss the lush green

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Pinto Valley Wilderness Painting

Sometimes the artistic process is a curious thing. Normally one would paint the painting and then find a frame that would go well with the painting, but in this case life’s realities inspired the art choice. There are different thoughts

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Path along the Truckee River – Part 1

This batch of photos has resulted in so many images that I have decided to divide the posting into several. I selected this particular path along the Truckee River because when I had a normal 8 to 5 job back

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