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Donner Memorial State Park

Exploring the local landscape can be an effective tool for re-invigorating the creative process. I am currently in a situation where I need to live in a location that is not ideal for me. I really miss the lush green

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Pinto Valley Wilderness Painting

Sometimes the artistic process is a curious thing. Normally one would paint the painting and then find a frame that would go well with the painting, but in this case life’s realities inspired the art choice. There are different thoughts

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Path along the Truckee River – Part 1

This batch of photos has resulted in so many images that I have decided to divide the posting into several. I selected this particular path along the Truckee River because when I had a normal 8 to 5 job back

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It’s Freyr’s time of the Year!

Who, you may ask, is Freyr?  Freyr is the God of fertility, prosperity, and peace for the Norse Heathens and is often thought to be one of the noblest of his pantheon.  It is during the harvest time that he

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Keep Practicing – First real landscape

My first real landscape is what I refer to as a practice painting.  What is a practice painting?   It is a painting by my own definition that is a subject matter that I want to paint, and I have no

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