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Idunna’s Apples – A still life project

After completing the chiaroscuro class this past spring semester, I decided that I needed to practice more still life works and keep my skills up while waiting for the next semester to begin in the fall.  I am not really

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To Smudge or Not to Smudge? – That is the Question.

To smudge or not to smudge?  That is the question when working with charcoal.  And if you were expecting some New Age Magic topic…  Well, sorry I am talking about charcoal renderings. Smudging, smearing, rubbing, smoothing, and blending… That’s what

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When I work with Charcoal – I wear black

At first the thought of wearing black while working with charcoal,  may conjure up images of an emotional state of mind.  It is somber.  It is depressed.  It is full of resignation that I will have to endure something that

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More Charcoal Woes

My third semester has begun and once again I am dealing with one of my least favorite mediums, charcoal.  It’s so messy and difficult to erase, but it is a practical and traditional medium to study drawing and the technique

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Grisaille Sphere

I learned a new word this past week in my art course, and this all builds on the foundation that I learned in my previous class.  I love it when education makes sense and creates a concrete basis for understanding

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Why so many Cat Paintings?

Originally a dog person with allergies to cats, I found myself 12 years ago sharing a home with our best friend who owns two cats.  At that time it was little Rainbow, who was a Calico female with long fluffy

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