Gretchen Winkler is the creator of the ObservationPost42.com graphic novel website along with many others and has been writing and drawing for most of her life.  She started writing novel sized projects in high school and studied English Literature and Fine Art in college.   She is a self taught web designer and has worked in the industry for over 15 years.  She has also worked as a Geological Draftsman, Florist, Technical Writer, and Graphic Artist.  While working towards her artistic goals she continues to strive in the business world by writing company blogs, maintaining the company social media, and developing new projects for inhouse projects that range from a HIPAA Mobile Application that is designed to assist medical professionals to the development of a technology oriented TV show.  She currently works as a consultant to a high energy software development firm.

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  1. Gretchen, I am writing a Sunday column about flash floods; may I use your photo of the car (Plymouth?) that was swept off by Galena? (With full attribution to you.) I remember seeing it years ago and frankly can’t even remember what I saw. Know it was there for several years. That is the picture of the car that went off Galena on July 23, 1956, is it not…? If it’s easier, I’m kfbreckenridge@live.com http://www.karlbreckenridge.com

    Thanks in advance….Karl


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